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Intruder Alarm Installation


Whether you need a trustworthy and user-friendly intruder alarm for your home or a more complex system to secure your business, you have come to the right place. Full Circuit Fire and Security has been installing, servicing, repairing and monitoring intruder alarm systems for over 37 years and we know our business. Based in Manchester, we now serve all Northern England and protect hundreds of happy customers.

the best features in one alarm system


Having a well installed and well maintained intruder alarm system not only deters intruders, but also provides alerts in the event of a burglary. With over 62 thousand burglary crimes committed in the North West England over the period of September 2017 - August 2018, a reliable communicating security system is a must both for your home and business. 

As an SSAIB accredited security system provider we choose only the best equipment which meets the latest industry's standards and ensures an optimum level of security for your property.


approved system

Grade 1 to 4 signalling

Police response to your property if required

Completely wire free systems

No need for codes

Complete integration

Get a FREE quote - call us today and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you

Some of the key benefits of intruder alarm system includes:

Constant protection. Intruder alarms can be monitored 24/7 which provides you ultimate protection at any time;

Uninterrupted functionality. Our wireless alarms work on batteries and are effective during power-cuts as well;

User-friendly protection. We provide careful instruction in the use of our alarm system - it is really easy!;

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